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Date: Tue 04/16/13 10:07PM
From: Katherine

Message: Hi Marina,

My mum and I had a wonderful time today with you and enjoyed learning so much more
about Suriname! There is so much history in such a small country and it was great to
get a huge sample of it in a short time!!! If it is possible to get a recipt for
today we would be very grateful.
Thank you again, you came highly recommended and we will continue to promote you and
your tours to everyone we meet!

Date: Tue 04/9/13 6:13PM
From: Ivan

Message: Marina
I would love to come visit Surinam on my next visit to Venezuela.
Thank you

Date: Thu 02/28/13 8:14AM
From: Jacob Steinberg

Message: Best tour guide in Suriname for the Juden Savannah and Jewish heritage. Highly recommend Marina!!

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