A World in One Country!


Suriname is a newly discovered tourist destination. Traveling from the vibrant city of Paramaribo into the jungle, a traveler will see dramatic changes in a short time period. One moment you find yourself in a luxurious atmosphere enjoying food, drink, air-conditioning with wonderful people known for their hospitality; and then after only a half an hour drive you will find yourself in the interior rain forest: a rugged expanse known for its wildlife and adventure, yet also a quiet, relaxing and serene setting.


Suriname is a cross-cultural mosaic where everyone lives together peacefully. In Suriname you will find Amerindian, Maroon, Jewish, Javanese, Boeroe ( Dutch farmers), Hindustani, Libanese, Creole and Chinese citizens. Each group maintains its original culture, food, customs and religion so in Suriname you will actually travel the world. You can taste a delicious variety of world dishes and see and experience the different cultural traditions.


Cultural diversity is one of Suriname's most important assets. Nowhere is this diversity more striking than along Paramaribo's Keizerstraat, where Congregation Neve Shalom and the adjacent Suriname Islamic Society mosque coexist peacefully. The mosque is the largest of hundreds scattered throughout Suriname. Neve Shalom was built in 1719 and rebuilt in 1835 and is the only functioning synagogue left in the country. This multi cultural, multi racial and multi religious atmosphere is what makes the country stand out.


The rain forest offers a variety of such exciting opportunities as: Fishing trips, boat trips, hiking trips, wild life hunting, visiting ruins and remains of historical interest. You can choose from rugged travel in uncultivated areas to comfortable travel. Choose from camping out in a hammock or select a trip where you can sleep in an air-conditioned room.


We have many areas of historic interest: old plantations, ruins of a Jewish synagogue, lost and forgotten burial sites, old sugar mills, coffee and cacao and sugar plantations.


Let the irresistible charm of Suriname wash over you!