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Date: Thu 02/28/13 8:14AM
From: Jacob Steinberg

Message: Best tour guide in Suriname for the Juden Savannah and Jewish heritage. Highly recommend Marina!!

Date: Tue 04/9/13 6:13PM
From: Ivan

Message: Marina
I would love to come visit Surinam on my next visit to Venezuela.
Thank you

Date: Tue 04/16/13 10:07PM
From: Katherine

Message: Hi Marina,

My mum and I had a wonderful time today with you and enjoyed learning so much more
about Suriname! There is so much history in such a small country and it was great to
get a huge sample of it in a short time!!! If it is possible to get a recipt for
today we would be very grateful.
Thank you again, you came highly recommended and we will continue to promote you and
your tours to everyone we meet!

Date: Sat 04/20/13 8:52PM
From: Fried

Message: Dear Flair,
I want to say thank you very much for the tremendous tour you provided me.
As I told you, we are a leading tour operator for Jewish tours around the world.

Your level of professionalism, knowledge, attention to detail, and
especially your educational methodology were of the highest level possible.

The way you exposed the Jewish history of Suriname in the jungle was like a thriller.

It was done in a very meaningful and sensitive manner.

Please feel free to use me as a reference.
Should any Jewish journeys to your area cross my desk I would be
delighted to work with you.

Respectfully Yours,

Ya'acov Fried


Ya'acov Fried

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Date: Sun 05/12/13 5:11AM
From: Abigail

Message: We had a wonderful time in Surinam. It was the first time for Paul my boyfriend. I lived in Surinam for eighteen years. When I was with Paul in Surinam I discover Surinam like a tourist. It was the first time I see how beautiful Surinam is and what a wonderful heritage left by all the population groups that arrived in the early years. One of them were the Jews. Paul and I had a wonderful time with the tour we made to Casipora, plantation Machanaļm en Joden Savanna. The tour with Marina, proud to tell she is my neighbor, she knew me since I was a child, was a wonderful tour. It was there I discover the history of the Jews, the beauty of their religion and not to forget the beauty of the rainforest and the surroundings. Marina has a nice way of telling the story of her ancestors, the historical facts and the things you see along the way. She can take you into de moment with the energy and her passion. The whole trip was well arranged, from the moment we left Overbrigde; the boattrip, the first stop at the plantation belong to the family, the walk into the forest of Casipora, Joden Savanna and the medicinal source. At last we ate typical Surinam dishes and enjoy a swim in the river. Marina thank you for this wonderful experience. And I see you when I am in Surinam. Kisses and a big hug.
Paul and Abigail

Date: Mon 07/15/13 4:25PM
From: Curtis and Cecelia

Message: Za, 13 juli, 2013
We are very happy to hear from you , we had a great holiday and are back
in Trinidad now. We also think that you are a special person and we would
like to encourage you to keep your family's legacy alive and also hope
that others would come and enjoy the tour with you as we did and feel as
moved as we were, Marina we really would like to thank you again , you
were also a gracious hostess, thanks for the food and the wine. May God
continue to bless you with good health and whatever else you may wish for
to continue your mother's work.
Curtis and Cecelia

Date: Fri 08/9/13 2:28PM
From: Corry Bilo-Groen

Message: Looked at the Jewish Savanne through jewish eyes: going out with Marina to the Savanne was a wonderful experience complete with historical facts and stories. A trip TO DO

Date: Sat 12/21/13 3:53PM
From: Ineke

Dag Marina,

Weet je nog dat we mee zijn geweest op de trip naar Jodensavanne met jou?
Daarvoor wil ik je nog bedanken. Het was heel interessant. Ik vond het heerlijk om
met iemand op pad te gaan die ook echt veel wist te vertellen. En dat ik
niet dacht (gebeurt bij andere trips wel): klopt dat wel, wat u daar zegt?
Ik ben dat in de archieven of in de literatuur zo niet tegengekomen.
Morgen ga ik terug naar Nederland. Alle dagen zijn rijk gevuld geweest, met
gesprekken, tripjes en archievenonderzoek.
Dank je wel en heel veel succes met je mooie en interessante werk.
Groeten ook van Mike,
Ineke Mok

Date: Thu 02/6/14 6:00AM
From: marina

Message: Goedemorgen Marina,
Wij zijn inmiddels weer terug in Nederland, maar willen je nog hartelijk
danken voor de geweldige dag op 19 januari jl. Wij hebben dat als zeer
warm ervaren.
Ook de ontvangst door Guno vonden wij sprankelend.
Als Suriname naast de deur lag, zou hij zeker met hem mee gaan zoeken.

Nogmaals hartelijk dank en wie weet tot ziens!

Lieve groeten,
Jan en Hetty

Date: Sun 02/9/14 9:00PM
From: marina

Message: U wordt uitgenodigd om het fotoalbum van Els te bekijken: Jodensavanne, Suriname
dagtrip olv Marina da Costa © Els Knol-Licht
6 jan. 2014
Met een deel van het EENDRACHT Kerstreis'13 gezelschap maken we 6 jan'14 vanuit
Paramaribo een dagtrip het oerwoud in o.a. naar de, bijna aan het begin van het
historische 'Cordonpad' gelegen, JODENSAVANNE. Gids: Marina da Costa Zie ook
www.tip-suriname.com Foto's hoofzakelijk © Els Knol-Licht. Enkele toegevoegd met
dank aan © Nico Witte. Dit webalbum is deel 5 uit de serie: EENDRACHT KERSTREIS
2013. Alle links te vinden op www.wadvanels.blogspot.com onder label 'de

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